Traditional anniversary gifts have been given for centuries, each year it is suggested, you give a certain material, the material of which all have their unique meanings why they were chosen but it’s said the materials strength increases over the years to symbolise a growing strength in your marriage. If you are looking for more details on your anniversary year and why the traditional material was chosen you can read all our articles here.

It’s difficult to give anniversary gift ideas when talking about all the traditional materials for all years as each year have their own uniqueness and lends itself to different unique items. There is of course our items which come with their own traditional anniversary material lined presentation box.
Looking around you can find jewellery made from most of the materials in question, although paper jewellery might not be such a good idea, imaging running for cover in the rain encase your jewellery gets wet.

I have put together a small list below of all the traditional anniversary materials with one suggestion to help you think of the most popular ideas for the occasion.

1. Paper – Holiday or event tickets
2. Cotton – Clothing
3. Leather – personalised wallet or purse, new bag
4. Linen – you can buy some great personalised him and her bed linen
5. Wood – there is some great wooden jewellery out there
6. Iron – decorative item made from iron for the home
7. Copper – copper jewellery
8. Bronze – we stock a great range of bronze jewellery made by traditional means
9. Pottery – vase of flowers
10. Tin – tin jewellery, hard to find but very popular, we sell this
11. Steel – steel jewellery, some great items out there, especially for men
12. Silk – nightdress
13. Lace – underwear
14. Ivory – don’t buy ivory its wrong, look for an ivory coloured item
15. China – dinner set, personalised wall plate.

I hope that helps you in finding some great traditional anniversary gifts and ideas, the above is a quick fire list but you can go into more detail by visiting our article pages and navigating to your chosen anniversary year. Good luck in finding the perfect wedding anniversary gift.

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