Celebrating milestones in your relationship is important as it can remind you of all the good times that you’ve enjoyed together, as well as acknowledging the hardships which you might have overcome. Marking major occasions together also enables you to take a step back from everyday life and to take stock of where you are as a couple.

Learn a new skill

Keeping things fresh is essential to a healthy, happy relationship. Whether you’ve been together for six weeks or sixty years, spontaneity and the desire to try new things together can really help to cement your marriage or partnership. A wedding anniversary or other significant event in your relationship is an excellent opportunity for you both to get out of your comfort zone.

This could be the moment to learn a new skill together. For example, if you’re interested in fine dining, why not break away from the traditional romantic dinner for two and try taking a cookery course. This is a really clever way to celebrate as you can put your new skills into practice at home, and enjoy romantic meals together every night.

It’s possible that either you or your other half aren’t as svelte as the day you first met. If this sounds familiar, then perhaps your anniversary could be the time for you both to take care of yourselves and each other by getting fit. Why not set yourself an achievable goal such as walking event or a 10k run, and motivate each other by training? Crossing the finish line together will be a testimony of your love and support both in your training and, most importantly, throughout your marriage.

Head off on holiday

Of course, many people choose to take a holiday or second honeymoon to celebrate their anniversary. However, if you’re looking for new things to do, to add a bit of extra spark to your trip and to your relationship, you may want to take the opportunity to learn a new language in honour of the occasion. They say that French is the language of love, and there’s a lot to be said for sexy Spanish, and passionate Portuguese, too. Armed with the language, you’ll be able to whisper sweet nothings on a hot holiday in Europe or Latin America.

If language learning isn’t your thing and you’d rather get physical, an adventure holiday could be the perfect way to celebrate your anniversary and re-invigorate your relationship. Even if you’ve been married for many years, you’re bound to learn new things about each other as you brave unchartered territory – a climbing wall may be all it takes for your husband to reveal his secret vulnerable side; wives may surprise with their aptitude for negotiating assault courses while knee deep in mud. Whatever your strengths and weaknesses, an adventure holiday is bound to shake things up, making it an interesting choice for a wedding anniversary with a difference.

Celebrating with family and friends

Of course, a wedding anniversary is also an important time to celebrate your love with your family and friends, and to honour the support which your nearest and dearest have offered you throughout your lives together. Naturally, many people like to share their happiness with friends by hosting an anniversary party. Having a party or celebrating your wedding anniversary doesn’t have to be expensive, and you certainly don’t have to stick to traditional parties and dinners to mark the occasion.

Having some sort of celebration is particularly popular with couples who have reached a significant milestone such as your silver, ruby, golden or even your diamond anniversary, but it doesn’t have to be round number to merit a get together!

When it comes to parties, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate your love and commitment. Traditional parties, held in a hotel, restaurant, church hall or family home may be reminiscent of the festivities which followed your wedding, offering a pleasant sense of nostalgia to the hosts and guests alike. However, there’s no reason to stick to the usual forms of celebration. Themed parties or a fancy dress code are also a fun way to show that you’ve still got your sense of humour after many years together.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate your wedding anniversary, make sure to remind your other half how special they are, and be thankful for the many days, weeks, months or years which you’ve enjoyed (and endured!) together.

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