We’ve compiled the Ultimate Bucket List to complete while you’re married. Some of them will be easy to do, maybe even things you do every day but some will need more time to fully complete.

Add a little something new to your usual week and try to complete this bucket list together, at the bottom of the page is a downloadable link so you can tick it off as you do it!

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Visit where you had your first date (and recreate it)

Take a day off and do all your favourite things

Make each other breakfast-in-bed (with roses of course)

Take a selfie together for every adventure or event (for a scrapbook later)

Build a sofa/pillow fort, put up fairy lights, get snacks and watch movies

Do a couples outfit for Halloween

Create 52 dates and put them in a jar, each week take out an idea and do it!

Create the perfect meal together

Create coupons for 1 cooked meal, 1 cuddle, 1 breakfast in bed etc.

Make a scrapbook together of your life together (you could even get a special laser engraved one here)

Make a time capsule for your future generations

Grow your own fruit or veg

Try something new every week, (food, drink, hobby, etc.)

Start a family tradition (and why not look back to your wedding year with these cufflinks, rings and this stunning necklace)

Try a new recipe every week

Visit somewhere new at least once a month

Teach each other your favourite hobby/skill

Learn a new skill together

Learn an instrument

Learn a new language

Run a 5k together

Redecorate your house (we love this established block and this cute rock for the rock in your life)

Up-cycle an old piece of furniture

Have a Movie Marathon (popcorn required)

Have a Come Dine With Me competition with friends

Have a picnic with a gorgeous view

Go camping, roast marshmallows on a campfire you made

Do an anonymous good deed.

Play twister with paint

Get tattoos together (they don’t have to match)

Split a milkshake

Go on a spontaneous adventure

Plan your dream holiday together

Unplug for a weekend, no TV, no phones, no internet, just each other

Visit your and your partners favourite childhood places

See the sunrise and sunset on the same day

Conquer a fear together

Swim under a waterfall

Make snow angels

Put money away each week, then at the end of the year go on your dream holiday! (Earn a little extra income with us!)


Let us know if you’ve started this bucket list, we love hearing from you!

Want to download this Bucket List?

The Ultimate Marriage Bucket List


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