We have discussed in previous articles about the tradtion of the gifving of a paticular gift for each wedding anniversary, which all started with the material of silver on the 25th anniversary. But what about the paper anniversary and why was paper chosen for the first wedding anniversary?

The theory of the tradtional gift list was simple, you would start with the least expensive gifts and the gifts themselves would grow in value as times go by and your marriage grows stronger, (the stregnth of the material would also increase)

Paper is cheap, easily torn and ripped apart. People believed that this was like your first year of marriage (wrongly in our opinion). During the first year your marriage is, according to tradition, at its weakest and you don’t really know where you’re going as yet. We beg to differ and our research has discovered some further answers to why paper is given for the 1st wedding anniversary.

Let’s think about a piece of paper for a moment. Yes it’s cheap and easily torn, but the first year of marriage is not the weakest. It’s where you are at your strongest. A blank piece of paper for your 1st anniversary, represents a fresh start, a blank canvas to write your future how you wish.

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