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1 Year Anniversary - Paper
2 Year Anniversary - Cotton
3 Year Anniversary - Leather
4 Year Anniversary - Linen
5 Year Anniversary - Wood
6 Year Anniversary - Iron
7 Year Anniversary - Copper
8 Year Anniversary - Bronze
9 Year Anniversary - Pottery
10 Year Anniversary - Tin
11 Year Anniversary - Steel
12 Year Anniversary - Silk
13 Year Anniversary - Lace
14 Year Anniversary - Ivory
15 Year Anniversary - China
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Anniversary Gifts - List

Wedding Anniversary Gift List - 1st to 10th Wedding Anniversary

There are the traditional and modern materials related to each wedding anniversary, usually progressing from the weakest to the strongest as the years go by, to symbolise the strengthening of the relationship.  “ For instance, you start with paper for the 1st and then up to tin for the 10th wedding anniversary and on to gold for the 50th wedding anniversary.” You can see the full lists below. If you want to find a full explantion of why each material has been chosen for each year and their meanings you can do by visiting our articles page.

Before the 1930's not all wedding Anniversaries had a material representing the year. Only the first anniversary and milestone anniversaries such as 5th wedding anniversary, 10th wedding anniverary, 20th, 25th, 50th and 75th had a gift suggestion. Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home by Emily Post, published in 1922, contained suggestions for these milestones. Over the years more materials have been added and the list updated and modernised.

8th anniversary bronze
10th anniversary tin
5th wedding anniversary
The UK list featured below comes is what is now today considered the list to go by. The traditional and modern U.S. versions below were compiled by librarians at the Chicago Public Library in 2000, and are based on the American National Retail Jeweler Association's list published in 1937.

A lot of research has gone into creating these lists to ensure they are correct and you buy the right traditional or modern gift for your wedding anniversary, some websites have slightly different variations of the lists.

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Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts(UK)

1st - Paper
2nd - Cotton 
3rd - Leather
4th Linen
5th wedding anniversary - Wood
6th - Iron 
7th - Copper
8th - Bronze
9th - Pottery
10th Wedding Anniversary - Tin 

11th - Steel
12th - Silk & Fine Linen 
13th - Lace

14th - Ivory

15th - China
20th - China
25th - Silver
30th - Pearl
35th - Coral
40th - Ruby
50th - Gold
60th - Diamond
65th - Blue Sapphire
70th - Platinum 
80th - Oak
85th - Wine 
90th - Stone

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts(US)

1st - Paper
2nd - Cotton
3rd - Leather
4th Linen (Silk)
5th - Wood
6th - Iron
7th - Wool/Copper
8th - Bronze
9th - Pottery (China)
10 Year- Tin/Aluminum
11th - Steel
12th - Silk
13th - Lace
14th - Ivory
15th - Crystal
20th - China
25th - Silver
30th - Pearl
35th - Coral/Jade
40th - Ruby
45th - Sapphire
50th - Gold
55th - Emerald
60th - Diamond
75th - diamonds, diamondlike stones, gold

Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts (US)

First - Clocks
Second - China 
Third - Crystal/Glass 
Fourth - Appliances
Fifth - Silverware
Sixth - Wood Objects
Seventh - Desk sets 
Eighth - Linen, Lace 
Ninth - Leather Goods
Tenth - Diamond
Eleventh - Fashion jewelry
Twelfth - Pearls, Colored gems 
Thirteenth - Textiles
Fourteenth - Gold jewelry
Fifteenth - Watches
Sixteenth - Silver holloware
Seventeenth - Furniture
Eighteenth - Porcelain
Nineteenth - Bronze
Twentieth - Platinum
21st - Brass, Nickel
22nd - Copper
23rd - Silver plate
24th - Musical instruments
Twenty-Fifth - Sterling Silver
26th - Original pictures
27th - Sculpture
28th - Orchids
29th - New furniture
Thirtieth - Diamond
31st - Timepieces
32nd - Conveyances (e.g., automobiles)
33rd - Amethyst
34th - Opal
Thirty-Fifth - Jade 
36th - Bone china
37th - Alabaster
38th - Beryl, Tourmaline
39th - Lace
Fortieth - Ruby
41st - Land
42nd - Improved real estate
43rd - Travel
44th - Groceries
Forty-Fifth - Sapphire
46th - Original poetry tribute
47th - Books
48th - Optical goods (e.g., telescope, microscope)
49th - Luxuries, any kind
Fiftieth - Gold
Fifty-fifth - Emerald
Sixtieth - Diamond
80th - Diamond, Pearl
85th - Diamond, Sapphire
90th - Diamond, Emerald
95th - Diamond, Ruby
100th - 10-carat Diamond

Buying a traditional gift for your wedding anniversary is very important, each anniversary material has its own unique meaning which represents the stage you are in your marriage, the meaning may related to you personally and provide a really great thoughtful touch to the very important task of buying gifts for your wedding anniversary.

Important Milestone Anniversaries

The above gift list is a great resource to help you choose your anniversary gift, but sometimes following it strictly can be difficult especially when you have some really hard materials to find. Materials such as silk or tin can be very tricky to find as a lovely gift.
With this in mind you may choose then to just stick to some milestone anniversaries to give something more traditional and something with more meaning and value. To help you we look deeper into three of these milestone anniversary years below and explain a little more about what each material means.These years and materials are 1st year of Paper, 5th Year of wood, and 10th year or tin

1st wedding anniversary – paper

The 1st year of marriage is always an exciting one for the happy couple, and although it can be difficult to adjust to being married, it's certainly worth celebrating making it through this period. A 1st wedding anniversary is often the first of many years together, and so the gift should be something personal and memorable that can be kept forever. The traditional gift given for the first anniversary is paper, which may sound challenging, but actually gives you plenty of options for great presents that anyone will love. In terms of the modern anniversary gift list, the 1st anniversary gift is clocks, and if you can't find anything in paper this is an excellent back up plan to mark the passing of time. 

Some paper gifts you might want to consider include:

Books – A personalised book, a first edition, or a vintage copy of your loved one's favourite book makes an excellent 1st anniversary gift. Books are treasured forever, and you can choose childhood favourites or modern classics.

Newspapers – The daily newspaper provides a snapshot of what life was like on a certain day, and therefore a newspaper from your anniversary is a perfect gift. 

Cash – If you're stuck for ideas when buying for the happy couple, then cash certainly counts as a paper gift. Many couples are saving for a new home or household items, and therefore cash or gift vouchers are often appreciated.

Journals and notebooks – Those early days of marriage are full of fun and happy memories, so why not give the husband or wife a way of recording them? From a personalised notebook to a diary so they can write down special dates and occasions, stationary is a charming and personal gift.

Photographs – By their 1st anniversary, most couples have had a photo album created for their wedding pictures, but there are many other options, such as having a special photo enlarged and framed, or making a montage of your own photographs for a personal touch.

There are many paper gifts that are perfect for a 1st wedding anniversary, and offer a thoughtful and unique way to surprise your spouse, or celebrate the marriage of your loved ones.

5th wedding anniversary – wood

The solid material of wood is the traditional gift for a 5th wedding anniversary, celebrating that first half a decade of marriage. The couple in a marriage grow together, and a gift made of wood symbolises their journey and how far they've come. If you are celebrating your 5th anniversary, or have loved ones who are celebrating this special occasion, then here are a few ideas for wood themed gifts.

Wooden jewellery – You don't have to splash out on silver or gold to create sentimental memories. Chunky wooden jewellery looks great, fits the theme, and can easily be personalised. Whether it's cufflinks, a pendant, or a stylish bangle, there are many wooden items that can be worn everyday. 

Kitchen accessories – After five years together, some new items for the kitchen are often appreciated. Wood can be used for chopping boards, spatulas, pestles and mortars, and many other kitchen items that make for excellent gifts. 

Photo frames – In the five years since they married, the happy couple will no doubt have had exciting holidays, celebrated special occasions, and maybe even had children. A wooden photo frame allows them to display their treasured memories with pride, and you can even add a carving such as dates or names for an extra special touch.

Musical instrument – If one of the couple has a musical streak, then there are many instruments made of wood that make for excellent gifts. You could choose a guitar, a violin, or even a xylophone for a gift that will be treasured for years. 

Love spoons – Intricately carved love spoons have long been a traditional 5th anniversary gift, and they are a great gift for your spouse as a sentimental keepsake.

A 5th wedding anniversary is a great way to celebrate being an established, settled couple, and wooden gifts help you to show your spouse or loved ones how you feel.

10th Wedding Anniversary, The Gift of Tin

Ten years of marriage is arguably the most important and first big milestone, a whole decade with your lovely husband or wife. With the average modern marriage lasting just 7.5 years in the UK, to reach 10 years you have really achieved something very special that should be celebrated. Looking at the gift list, you may choose to buy something very special that has a lot more meaning for your tenth year wedding anniversary.
Tin may seem a very ordinary metal when first mentioned but in fact it is a beautiful and bright metal and is chosen for very important reasons. It may seem like a very hard thing to buy for the occasion, luckily for you, we are an expert in the field of tin and we are more than happy to share with you our thoughts and ideas. Before we do however, I wanted to chat for a moment about why tin was chosen for the 10 year wedding anniversary. It was not just some man in a dark room picking random metals from a list for each anniversary year, there has been a lot of thought in the traditional materials for each year.
What is tin? It is a soft material mined around the world and particularly in Cornwall, where our workshop is located. Its this softness and flexibility that is said to represent a marriage of 10 years. In order to successfully see through to a decade you need to have flexibility in your marriage. There is more, tin is a non corrosive metal and is used to coat other metals to protect them from rusting, its this protective nature that by giving and wearing tin jewellery it offers protections for many years to come.

We mentioned earlier on that we were a bit of an expert in the field of tin, for the past six years we have been producing fine high quality tin jewellery for the 10th wedding anniversary, a full range of this can be found on our partner website Tin Gifts. 

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