International Traditional Anniversary Gift Materials List

If your looking for a full list of the traditional wedding anniversary materials across the world then you can find these below, it makes for some interesting reading to see how the traditional material varies from Germany, Holland, Scandinavia, France, Spain, Portugal and Russian

Year German Dutch Scandinavian French Spanish Portuguese Russian
1 Cotton, paper cotton, paper Paper Cotton Paper Paper Calico
2 Cotton, plastic Paper / cardboard, horse hair Paper Cotton Leather Cotton Cotton  
3 Leather, fruit, wheat, fir Leather Leather Wheat Leather Wheat, leather  
4 Silk, amber, linen, wax, wine Silk Flower, Hyacinthe, Linen Wax Silk, fruit, flower Flower, fruit, wax  
5 Wood, rubber Wood, plastic Wood / tree Wood Wood HWood, iron Wood
6 Tin, sugar Iron, tin, fruit Sugar Chypre Iron, sugar Perfume, sugar  
7 Copper, brass, wool Wool; down Wool Wool Wool, copper Brass, wool Copper
8 Tin, bronze, salt, poppy, nickel, earthenware / stone Bronze; poppy Bronze Poppy Bronze, Pottery Poppy, clay / loam  
9 Ceramics, porcelain, faience, glass / crystal, water, pasture, steers, pottery Earthenware; Platework Pasture straw, ceramics Fayence Pottery, willow Pottery, willow / wicker  
10 Roses, oxen, wood, glass, bronze, tin Tin Tin Tin Tin / aluminum Tin, zinc Roses
11 Steel, coral, carnival Steel Steel; Bernstein Coral, zinc Steel Steel  
12 Nickel, earth, silk, linen Linen Silk Silk Silk, linen Silk, Onyx  
13 Crystal, lily of the valley, salt, tip Lily Lace Lily of the valley Lace Linen, lace  
14 Ivory, agate Ivory; lead Ivory Lead Ivory Ivory  
15 Violet, crystal / glass / bottles Crystal Crystal Crystal Crystal Crystal Glass
16 Sapphire Sapphire Moon Sapphire Obsidian Tourmaline  
17 Orchid, Rose Rose Amethyst Rose Quartz Rose  
18 Turquoise Turquoise Daisy Turquoise Aquamarine Turquoise  
19 Cretonne, mother of pearl Linen, cretonne Garnet Cretonne Amethyst Cretonne, Aquamarine  
20 China, tang, Chrysanthemum China China China China China China
21 Opal, beech Opal Turquoise Opal   Zircon  
22 Bronze, Tourmaline Bronze Alliance Bronze   Feldspar  
23 Beryl, Titanium Beryl Tulip Beryl   Straw  
24 Satin Satin Karat Satin   Opal  
25 Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver
26 Jade, Oak Jade   Jade Sandalwood Alexandrite  
27 Mahogany, jute Mahogany   Mahogany Chrome Chrysoprase  
28 Carnation, nickel Nickel   Nickel Fruits Hematite  
29 Velvet, ebony Velvet   Velvet Tin Herbs / Leaves  
30 Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl
31 Linde, Soil Soil   Soil   Nacre  
32 Soap, lapis lazuli, copper Copper   Copper   Pine  
33 Tin, porphyry Porphyry   Porphyry   Crizo  
34 Amber, Emerald Amber   Amber   Olive  
35 Canvas / linen, coral, jade, ruby Coral, Ruby Coral Ruby Coral; Yade Coral Linen
36 Emerald, Moon, muslin Muslin, Emerald   Muslin   Cedar  
37 Malachite , paper Paper   Paper   Aventurine  
38 Fire, mercury Mercury   Mercury   Oak  
39 Sun, crepe Crepe   Crepe   Marble  
40 Ruby, garnet Ruby Ruby Emerald Ruby Ruby, Emerald Ruby
41 Birch, iron Iron   Iron   Silk  
42 Garnet, pearl Nacre   Nacre   White Gold  
43 Lead, flannel Flannel   Flannel   Azeriche  
44 Stern, Topaz Topaz   Topaz   Carbonate  
45 Brass, platinum, tourmaline, vermeil, precious white sapphire Sapphire, platinum, vermeil Sapphire Vermeil Sapphire Platinum, sapphire  
46 Lavender Marble Lavender   Lavender   Alabaster  
47 Kashmir, Sapphire Kashmir   Kashmir   Jasper  
48 Diadem, Amethyst Amethyst   Amethyst   Granite  
49 Cedar Cedar   Cedar   Heliotrope  
50 Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold
51 Pasture Camellia   Camellia   Bronze  
52 Topaz Tourmaline   Tourmaline   Clay  
53 Uranium Cherry   Cherry   Antimony  
54 Zeus Wood   Sable   Nickel  
55 Platinum, gem, emerald, turquoise, Venus, sapphire Emerald,white gold, orchid, camellia Emerald Orchid Emerald Amethyst  
56   Lapis Lazuli   Lapis Lazuli   Malachite  
57   Azalea   Azalea   Lapis Lazuli  
58   Maple   Maple   Glass  
59   Mink   Mink   Cherry  
60 Diamond, iron Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond, Jade  
61 Elm Plane   Plane   Copper  
62 Aquamarine Ivory   Ivory   Telurita  
63 Mercury Violet   Lilac   Sandalwood, lilac  
64 Sky Chan   Astra Chan   Fabulita  
65 Iron Brilliant, Rosewood Krondiamant Rosewood   Iron  
66 Chives Jasmin   Jasmin   Ebony  
67 Stone Chinchilla   Chinchilla   Snow  
68   Granite   Granite   Lead  
69   Larch   Larch   Mercury  
70 Grace, platinum, copper, iron, stone Platinum, diamond Iron Platinum   Wine  
71           Zinc  
72           Oats  
73           Marjoram  
74           Apple  
75 Crown jewel, diamond Alabaster, rhodium Atom; steel crown jewel (Denmark) Alabaster Platinum Brilliant, Alabaster Brilliant
76           Cypress  
77           Lavender  
78           Benjoim  
79           Coffee  
80 Oak, Brass Oak; plutonium   Oak Oak Walnut, oak  
81           Cocoa  
82           Carnation  
83           Begonia  
84           Chrysanthemum  
85 Angel     Uranium Marble Sunflower  
86           Hydrangea  
87           Walnut  
88           Pear  
89           Fig  
90     Granite Granite Granite Poplar  
91           Kiefer  
92           Pasture  
93           Imbuia  
94           Palm  
95       Iridium Onyx Sandalwood  
96           Olive  
97           Fir  
98           Kiefer  
99           Pasture  
100 Sky     Water   Jequitibá

Please note that this information has been collected from various sources in various languages. Please let us know if there are any content or language errors. Thank You!